Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Coercive Control: The Case of Harvey Weinstein

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When was this article written???

Amanda J McGarvey more than 4 years ago

Publication date

It was published 10/24/17. more than 4 years ago

Coercive Control

This was a good article. There could have been more discussion on the skew in statistics relative to gender typical reporting. It would also have been topical to address cultures associated with this behavior beyond the isolated gender specific implications. It might have been interesting to address how a culture affected by this behavior could effectively respond. The culture of coerciveness which is pervasive and victimizing everyone, including children, in the Liberal Arts of theater, dance and cinema could certainly stand to have a stronger and more constant light cast upon it. It would be interesting to read more about coercive control as a social standard in Hollywood.

Dave Bothwell more than 5 years ago

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