Resilience for Social Workers: How To Increase Flexibility, Energy, and Engagement in the Face of Challenge

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I find it interestingly sad that as social workers, you have 'bad' days and feel 'sad' that the work you do is sometimes all in vain...Imagine now if you weren't the social worker but one of your clients living the nightmare- one you can't get out of. However, as social workers you can just walk away. Your clients can't.
Fix the system that is designed to fail the weak and the poor.

MARTIN MCNEILL more than 4 years ago


Good day Mr. Martin. I read and re-read your comment about five times and I am still trying to understand your concept. - "......Imagine now if you weren't the social worker but one of your clients living the nightmare- one you can't get out of.... " The SW is human like both you and their clients. The SW goes through the same things that all you (plural) go experience. There is no greater feeling when you can guide a client to a better and more manageable situation or position in their life. Ceteris Paribus (all things being equal) on the other hand if you have been trying all in your experience and knowledge to help guide the client to the point where they need to get and all has failed, then one can anticipate that emotion of failure especially when that client seems to be stagnant or getting worse. Truth is, as a SW I would have referred the client.

Eerie Madden more than 3 years ago


I appreciate all of the helpful tips in this area. As a foster care case manager I feel like I am in the middle of an ocean with waves crashing all around me. I am never have a sense of accomplishment because so many forms are due every day. And due to my lack of experience, I feel inept instead of equipped to meet the challenges. I hope one day I will feel like I know what I am doing and that I am being productive. I see why there is such a high turnover rate in this area of practice. I hope that I am helping my clients in some small way.

Tiffany Thompson MSW CSW more than 5 years ago

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