Social Workers as Mandated Reporters: Conflicted Over Confidentiality? Part IV

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Privacy and Confidentiality

When you have been assigned a case involving rape, during your initial evaluation you realize that the rapist/perpetrator is a member of the victims family. regardless of age is there alternatives to look at in regards to privacy & confidentiality also among informed consent?

Leighann Marsh more than 5 years ago

Our privacy

What rights to privacy do we as sw have. How can we protect our own private lives from clients. I know that we should not self-disclose if this will harm the client but what actual protection do we have? Does a client's right to self determination trump our own right to privacy, and safety? Any in put is much appreciated!

Christina Dawn Briggs more than 5 years ago

SWs privacy

I'd need to know more about the situation, so feel free to contact me through my email at The quick answer is: of course, social workers have a right to privacy, but everything has limits.

Kathryn Krase more than 5 years ago

Voting Is Social Work

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