Self-Care A-Z: Lessons in Self-Care from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

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Self - Care

I love that the author of this article is wearing a Mr. Rogers sweater; so poignant and sweet.
The best lesson I was taught about self-care, was in graduate school. A patient committed suicide at a Crisis House where I was an intern. This threw me and had me question my choices in the career field of social work. My field liaison at the university I attended was a horrible example of "burned out". She told me to get over it. I knew this was wrong and went to one of my favorite professors. She praised me for reaching out and knowing that what I was feeling was real. She advised me to take a few days off before going back to the internship and said I could come to her anytime. It was the realization my feelings were valid and appropriate. Questioning my career, in light of this tragedy was also appropriate. It was a terrible experience however it also helped me to become a better social worker and a compassionate mentor.

Victoria Scafuto more than 3 years ago

Self-care neighborhood

As a long-time social work educator and graduate program director, I am grateful that my students taught me about self-care. In particular, my students compelled me to learn about self-care so that I could model it and ensure that self-care become part of our social work curriculum and professional identity. And, over the years, as happens in life, my (former) students (like you, Wade) have continued to be my best teachers. As colleagues in our beloved profession, indeed, we need our neighborhood of self-care! Thank you for this Beautiful piece and for being my neighbor! #selfcaremovement! ✌🏾✌🏻💚

Erlene Grise-Owens more than 3 years ago

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