Self-Care, A-Z: A "Word" About Self-Care in 2018

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L- loving acceptance of self. Often the critic wins, and it’s time to show myself the love.
O- openness to being good enough, letting go of the urge to do everything perfectly.
V- values. Commitment to spending time “being” rather than “doing”. For me, this means choosing to spend time with the people I value and doing the things I value. In this, I will learn and be supported in being the most authentic version of myself- and that’s ok.
E- empowerment. Self compassion is empowering and allows me to be a better person and social worker.

Merrisa Bragg more than 3 years ago


Merissa: thank you for sharing this! LOVE it! 🧡

Erlene more than 3 years ago


I have done the one word ritual for four years now and it has been nothing short of amazing. I actually put a short ten minute video on my Facebook page encouraging others to engage in it. My word for 2018 is balance which goes hand in hand with self care. I have become aware that I am a work-a-holic and I have to take time for myself and enjoy life, so I can beneficial to myself and my clients. Thank you for sharing.

Ashley Lowe more than 3 years ago

My one word ... ACCEPT

Accept that not all we help will be and can be changed. Take joy for those who are able.

TeckMing Low more than 3 years ago


Excellent word. I have come to understand the Zen meaning of not passive, but powerful. 🙏🏾🙏🏻

Erlene more than 3 years ago


Thank you Dr. Grise-Owens for your words of wisdom. Having a new job as a foster care case manager, I have been pondering ways to help me cope with the challenges of this task. I will continue to work toward applying self care in all areas of my life. I seem to encounter stress on all sides. Happy New Year to all social workers everywhere :-)

Tiffany Thompson MSW CSW more than 3 years ago


Congratulations on your new job, Tiffany! more than 3 years ago

Thank you

I continue to read the New Social Worker for information and inspiration :-)

Tiffany Thompson MSW CSW more than 3 years ago

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