Self-Care, A-to-Z: Frugal February - Finances and Self-Care in Social Work

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Great points

Thank you for sharing this article. I will surely share it among colleagues, friends, and through my private practice! It has many great and thought provoking points.

Stephanie Shapiro, LSW, PhD Candidate more than 4 years ago

Frugal February

The experience you had in Belize gave you a unique perspective on money, happiness, and how this relates to social workers advocating for their compensation. Having lived below the poverty line for most of my life, I feel as though my who life has been about frugality and survival. However, I do know that materal possessions do not equate to happiness. They only bring about temporary happiness, giddiness, euphoria. Thank you for sharing this!

Tiffany Thompson more than 4 years ago

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