Self-Care, A-to-Z: Struggles, Strategies, and Successes in Self-Care

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I attended a conference in the early 1980's and the presenter started the training by telling a story about the Social Worker. Mrs. Hen and Mr. Pig returned to their backyard from an world wide vacation and all they talked about was the hunger they saw around world. They were taken back by the hunger in their own backyard. One day Ms. Hen said to Mr. Pig "I have an idea about how to address hunger in our own backyard". Mr. Pig replied "well what do you have in mind?" Mrs. Hen answered "we can serve breakfast". Mr. Pig asked "what's on the menu"? Ms. Hen replied "we can start with eggs and bacon".

Arnold Hopkins more than 6 years ago

New paradigm

I have been a social worker for 40 years this past July. When I began this journey, the concept of "self' being applied to us, as professionals, was forbidden! It was not about us, it was all about giving of ourselves to our clients. Self-care was not something we learned about in the 1970s. I am so glad and pleased that you are writing about the importance of taking care of one's self as part and parcel of being a good, caring, empathetic, professional. I have learned, through trial and error, how essential it is to maintain one's own spiritual, ethical, and physical health in order to have the energy to sustain our moral commitment to helping, supporting, nurturing, empowering, others. Glad the profession is moving in this direction of "taking stock" of our own wellness. Rather than focus on "burn-out," let's focus on prevention, inspiration, and motivation. Thank you for this paradigm change in social work! all the best, Nancy Miringoff

Nancy Miringoff more than 6 years ago


Great idea!

Audrey Morrison more than 6 years ago

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