Self-Care A-Z - The Politics of Self-Care: Toward Radical Decolonization

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Thank you, Dr. Harris! I was a Women and Gender studies graduate before coming to Social Work. There are days I feel in constant conflict with supervisors and colleagues over “self-care”. I came to Social Work because it was a career,that seemed to, aligned with my passion for social justice. Several years down the road I continue to scratch my head over the idea that “self-care” can ward off career burn out when the systems designed to help, oppress. The “radical” and “political” actions I’ve taken have kept my passion burning but I’ve paid a price. I am working to be more compassionate and understanding in speaking truth to power(without sacrificing persistence) but my self care is in finding the communication ground/framework to dismantle the oppressor inside and outside of myself and to work in settings that look like the populations I serve. Thank you so much for these good, good words and thoughts!

LM more than 2 years ago

Reframing Values as Self-Care

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on self-care. Related to your point about reframing as self-care, I think it's very important for us in the allied professions to define success in ways our dominant culture does not. The messages we receive lead us to believe money is the measure of success and, more dangerously, worth as a person.

As social workers, this value system sets us up for failures. My own self-worth has been greatly uplifted by the realization that, despite the critical work we do, we are not paid on parity with others of equal training and rigor. That's not to say it's right- we should be paid enough to sustain our needs. But the same belief must extend to communities we work with on the margins. They will so often be others who struggle to live in a world that says, if they have less, they're worth less. We can join them in pushing back against this toxic belief.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

Amazing article

This is such a unique and necessary way to look at self care. I’m going to start unpacking my deeply ingrained beliefs and taking a hard look at my patterns.

April more than 2 years ago


Wonderful! Onward and upward!

Jalana Harris more than 2 years ago

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