Self-Care A-Z: Be a Self-Care Winner and Quit!

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Quitting as Celebration

What a timely article. As a newly qualified, 6 months into front line CP work, I feel like my passion and light has dimmed significantly. Furthermore, I've been feeling a HUGE amount of guilt for wanting out.

After reading, watching and listening to a wide range of Social Workers who have trail blazed alternative paths, I am feeling both courageous and relieved that there is another way. Social Work does not have to feel so hard.

Thank you immensely for your time, energy, wisdom and resources.

Love and kindness

Sara 153 days ago


I really enjoyed your article. After working as a social working for 36 years and taking care of others gift my entire life, I decided I had to stop. I needed to care for myself for a change. So I retired early from my stressful job and my profession and moved to a beachside community. I am now working on redefining my identity which is freeing but presents its own set of challenges. I was so depleted and now I have the opportunity to recover and look forward to the next chapter in my life! I just need to be patient with myself while I figure this out.

Lori McChesney 154 days ago


Congratulations on taking that step, Lori! Enjoy the next chapter, wherever it takes you. 154 days ago

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