Self-Care A-Z: Buzzwords, Bon-Bons, Bubble Baths, and Binge-Watching - In Praise of B-“Bad” Self-Care

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B self-care

Thank you!! like the bon-bons, everything in moderation! it was great to read this article. Self-care can be so many simple wonderful things and can include regular exercise, meditation etc., BUT, It can also be some time to simply "veg out" and play solitaire for a 1/2 hour with cards or on the screen! ( I am personally fond of word games).

Eileen Cummings more than 2 years ago

B self-care

Thank you, Eileen! I, too, love word games (no surprise! Ha.) B-good to yourself! And, if you ever want to share some words about self-care through this blog, let me know! #selfcaremovement! ✌🏻✌🏾💚

Erlene Grise-Owens more than 2 years ago

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