Self-Care, A-to-Z: 7 Strategies for Self-Care in Seasons of Stress (SOS)

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Self Care

Two points from this piece that I cannot stress enough are, asking for help and a self care plan. With a program as intense as the MSW it is not only vital to focus on self care but to reach out, if only for conversations is integral to self care. We may shy from admitting that it is stressful, hectic and we are overwhelmed but never voicing these feelings creates an echo chamber where everyone acts like they have it figured out, leaving everyone including themselves feeling ashamed, miserable or guilty for feeling less than it. Our Social work Foundations professor did an exercise on the first day of class where we gathered in a circle and blurted our dominant feeling one by one and those who agree came in the centre. When I said overwhelmed, everyone joined and I burst out crying. That small exercise made all of us more relaxed and I decided to use it as a self care tool. It is important to note that self care must involve others and it can never be done in isolation. Thanks for the piece!

Shefali Samdaria more than 5 years ago


My favorite tips are #5 and #6. Hugs are always nice! Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom with us.

Tiffany Thompson more than 5 years ago

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